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At The Brooker Law Firm, P.A., we have clients from all industries. We serve small and medium-sized businesses and moderate to high net worth individuals. Notwithstanding the firm’s diverse client base, our services are aimed at meeting the planning needs of those clients.

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Services we offer:

When starting or expanding a business, there are many opportunities to structure the business with regard to its expected future operations. Often, the choice of legal entity can help achieve the planning goals of the business owner. Our services include assisting you in deciding which business entity form will likely help you achieve your business planning goals.

Buying or selling a business brings with it numerous considerations such as what assets are being sold, will the assets be free and clear of liens when the transaction has closed, what are the tax ramifications of the sale structure overall – to name just a few obvious issues. Our services include assisting the client make sense of the transaction, negotiate the structure of the transaction, and maximize the return on the transaction.

When one business purchases another business or two businesses join together, the tax implications can be very complex. Our law office can help you navigate through the complexities and push your business in the right direction.

Tax controversy involves the government proposing assessments of taxes, assessing those taxes and attempting to collect based on facts and circumstances related to a tax reporting and/or tax payment obligation of a taxpayer (e.g., an individual, business or estate or trust).

Whether the controversy involves income tax issues, withholding and reporting obligations, or other taxes under the Internal Revenue Code or other taxing authority, Mr. Brooker has experience in the application of the tax laws concerning assessments, protests, and appeals of tax matters.

This firm limits its tax controversy practice to those matters where there is either (1) a defense to the assessment – that is, the assessment of tax is improper (the IRS or other taxing agency is improperly assessing a tax against a taxpayer) or (2) there is a defense to the payment of the assessed obligation – that is, there is a legal reason that even if the assessment is proper, the specific taxpayer does not owe the tax.

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Should you find that you are involved in a tax controversy, please call to see if this firm can assist you in achieving the most economical resolution of your particular matter. Our goal is to be thorough and responsive with all our clients, while also offering our services without the higher costs of larger firms. Call today 803-779-1065 to schedule a consultation.